What Is Attraction Marketing?

Have you heard of “attraction marketing?”

When I first heard of this term, I was instantly “attracted” to it.  It sounds interesting, like pulling something towards you, and it’s exactly like that.

Unlike the traditional way of network marketing where you chase family and friends to pitch your products and business opportunity to, “attraction marketing” is about positioning yourself so that prospects find you first and later on seek your advice or buy your products or join your business opportunity.

It’s a totally different approach to building a network marketing business.  You actually attract the right people to your business instead of chasing them.  Wouldn’t that be a fun way to do this business?


Attraction marketing is about building a personal brand – a “You Inc.” brand – by creating and sharing valuable information.  You attract people by giving value to them instead of pitching them.

People researching online are looking for solutions to their problems; they’re not looking to join your business or buy your products.

Give them what they want and need!

Instead of advertising your business as “The Hottest Opportunity in Town” or your products as “The Most Complete Vitamin In The Whole Wide World,” publish helpful information online like:

“5 Simple Steps to Lower Cholesterol While Eating What You Want”


“How To Sponsor People Without Leaving Your House.”

These are the kinds of stuff people are looking for!

Create valuable content that educates people about your products and/or business.  Using the wide array of free (or paid) resources available online, publish your content and be found online.

Publish information that will help these people… information that educates them specifically about the things that they are looking for.

When people find you and like what you do, you gain their trust.  They may want to ask you for more information.  You build a relationship with them and one day, these people may become your partners in business or your product customers.

You become the hunted instead of the hunter.

Attraction marketing can give you a steady flow of prospects daily.  Creating just one piece of article or video online can provide you a list of prospects for months or even years later.  This list is unlike your name list of friends and family who don’t want to hear about your new “hot” product and business opportunity!

More people are used to taking first before giving – Join Me!  Join Our Company!  Join ASAP!  Buy My Products! – so it’s easy to stand out if you’re doing business differently with attraction marketing.

Attraction Marketing is about giving first before taking.  I discuss more about this in my network marketing training course especially written for Filipinos.

Are you ready for attraction marketing?  Let me know your thoughts about attraction marketing by commenting below.

To your success,


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11 Responses to "What Is Attraction Marketing?"

  1. Dan says:

    Hi Ms. Annette,

    Nice and informative website. I would like to ask on what is the difference of the Magnetic Sponsoring and the Renegade Network Marketing technique? Can you recommend the best out of the two?

  2. Lawrence Manlapaz says:

    Hi Annette. Your blog is very informative. I enjoy reading the articles.
    Thanks for being a blessing.

  3. Mike Dada says:

    Nice entry Ms. Annete.

    In this new age, network marketers must use a different approach in doing the business. The old exaggerated and overly aggressive tactics of the past are not suitable in today’s market. I believe that building a good relationship with your prospects is the best way to do the business. Making people understand that they have a need that you can satisfy. Instead of forcing people to buy your product or join your business on the very first encounter.

    More power to you & your website and keep on posting blogs for the new generation of entrepreneurs.

    God bless.

  4. annette says:

    Hi Dan, I thought I replied to your comment already. I’m VERY sorry to have missed it.

    I would honestly recommend both. I have BOTH! and have learned so much from Ann Sieg and Mike Dillard. They both discuss ‘attraction marketing’ in the Renegade Network Marketer and Magnetic Sponsoring respectively, but their style and approach are very, very different.

    With so much to learn in the business, I believe their books are both great resources. I bought RNM first if you care to know, but I think it wouldn’t have mattered if I learned and bought MS first because I would still end up buying RNM upon learning about it (and vice-versa), just like what many others did.

    The important thing is executing what you have learned and are learning. I might have to write more about this in an entirely new post. 🙂

  5. annette says:

    Thanks for your comment, Lawrence. You make me want to write more. 🙂

  6. annette says:

    Yes, Mike, I believe in using a different approach although I don’t think there’s ONE magic approach that will work for everyone. I suggest using an approach that one is most comfortable with and willing to learn. There are those willing to challenge the status quo and there are those who are not. 🙂 Thanks for your comment, Mike.

  7. Lex says:

    Hello Ms. Annette. First of all thank you for sharing this valuable info. I have frustrations in running my MLM business and almost lost some friends with the traditional approach. That’s why I’m looking for better options. Just a question. How do I start with Attraction marketing? Do I purchase the RNM and/or MS first and then I’ll learn from there or is there a prerequisite before diving straight into these tools? Thanks in advance.

  8. annette says:

    If you want to learn “attraction marketing,” I’d say ‘dive straight’ into RNM and/or MS – no prerequisites 🙂 They’re great courses to begin learning with. Lessons in there are timeless and should be internalized my marketers. Thanks for your comment and ‘see you’ again, Lex! -Annette

  9. Pau says:

    hi annette,

    i really love your articles. i want to work with people like you. i don’t like the aggressive type of prospecting. i like this attraction marketing. but i’m wondering if how long would this take me to attract prospects? honestly, i’m in a hurry but i don’t like to use the aggressive type, like calling and texting them everyday. asking if when sila papasok. but still, i want to have prospects fast. do you have tips?

  10. Ambong says:

    Nice recommendation. True enough, most advertisers claim that they are they are the best or that their products are the best in town.

    Wheeww, I learned from this. Attraction Marketing. What an interesting, yet attracting two words.

  11. annette says:

    Thanks for visiting and for your comment, Ambong. 🙂

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