Top 5 Things To Look For In A Network Marketing Company

Once you have decided that you want to give network marketing a try, the next step is to choose the best company to work with.

Most people ignore one or more of the 5 critical keys in choosing a network marketing company or opportunity and ask themselves why they failed to make profits or achieve financial freedom.

You may be inclined to join the next company that comes along introduced by someone close to you but I strongly suggest that you make your own research BEFORE you get involved to save you time, money, and possible heartache.

Here are the top 5 things to look for in a network marketing company:

Company Profile

Although it’s true that you create your own success, it makes perfect sense to work with a company that will still be around after you’ve built a huge group and invested multiple heads, right?

See if the company you’re joining is (a) financially stable and has been around for some time, I’d say at least 5 years so your group-building efforts will not go to waste.

networkingToo many network marketing companies in the Philippines have come and gone over the years.  Aren’t you wondering why?  One reason may be due to legal problems (because they’re illegal!?) and another reason may be the owners just couldn’t keep the business running, just like traditional businesses.

A high percentage of network marketing companies fold up within the first 5 years.  You don’t want to be in those distributors’ positions when that happens.

I would also look into the (b) experience of the owners and management team.

Who are they?  What’s their mission?  Are they people with INTEGRITY?  What’s their track record, past experience?

Look into the heart of the company if it’s really interested in educating YOU to be a business leader and not just another recruiter.  It will take more than listening to a 2-hour sales pitch and looking at brochures.  You have to get off your couch and attend training functions and events to get to know the leaders.

Check also if the company has (c) international or global presence. Even though you have no plans of going international today, you cannot control the growth of your network in the future.

Filipinos are sometimes called universal citizens, because we’re everywhere!  If your downline pursues a career abroad, for example, he/she can still continue the business IF your network marketing company has an office in that other country.

Compensation Plan

Compensation plans vary from one network marketing company to another.  Review the compensation plan and make sure that you are comfortable with how company pays out their commissions.  Commissions must be paid on the sale of products, not on membership fees.

A good question to ask yourself would be, “Can I still make money if my network just consumes the products and does not recruit anybody?”  Answer should be “YES;” otherwise, run away as fast as you can!


Products must be of value but not overpriced and preferably with a money-back guarantee.

Are the products consumable?  Since the business is about long-lasting residual income, the products have to be consumable and of high quality.  This leads to repeat purchases by customers, month after month and year after year.  It’s not just about making a big one-time sale or commission.

Check also if the products are patented and exclusive to the company.  Admit it, Filipinos are very good imitators.  You don’t want to see your products displayed at department stores or at tiyangges at any point, do you?

Consumers MUST also have a compelling reason to buy from your network marketing company, not just to participate in the money-making plan.  For example, ask yourself, “Do people need to buy phone cards from me without joining the compensation plan?”  Answer would be “No,” because people can buy the same phone cards in stores.

If product being sold has no real world VALUE and/or is overpriced, the company is more likely a pyramiding scheme, wolves in sheep’s clothing so to speak.  Beware!

Needless to say, you have to use the products.  These should be products that you are comfortable sharing with close friends and family.

Business Education

This is my favorite part in network marketing – free education!

Robert Kiyosaki wrote on his book The Business School that the number one hidden value of network marketing is the life-changing business education.

Unlike in formal business schools where instructors do not necessarily have businesses of their own, network marketing is the best free business school where trainers actually talk of their real-life experience.

Network marketing leaders teach success attitudes, leadership, people skills, overcoming fears, goal-setting, communication skills, money skills, and the like.

See if your prospective company provides network marketing training for members or you might be left out in the cold.

Marketing System

Last but not least, you are going to want to check into the marketing system of the company or group that you are joining.  This is VERY important.

You may be surprised to know that one of the fastest ways to fail at network marketing is to try to recruit your friends and family.  Why?  Didn’t you notice that most network marketers quit after talking to their best friends and family?

Despite the attrition due to this, recruiting friends and family is still the main marketing tactic taught by most network marketers in the Philippines.

There is a much better and more FUN way to attract people who are already looking for what you have to offer.  Thanks to the Internet, network marketing is much easier than it used to be.

If your company is nationwide or worldwide, then your market is really big.  You can reach this very wide audience ONLY if you’re using the Internet.  Check to see if your company is adjusting with different marketing trends in the network marketing business.

Use ALL 5 key areas objectively to evaluate a network marketing company or opportunity you’re about to join (or are already involved with).  These will greatly enhance your chances for long-term success.  If you ignore any one of them, you may just be asking for trouble.

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21 Responses to "Top 5 Things To Look For In A Network Marketing Company"

  1. Arthur says:

    Hi…I’m Arthur, 20 from Caloocan City. I would like to share to you how to earn great amount of money. Please read…this is more important to you than I do.
    I am in an MLM business, also known as networking. I am greatful I have found the GFI team. Before looking into the advantages of an MLM network marketing business, it is important to know what the real key to success is. The industry has created a number of millionaires and it is has done this based on the principle of leverage. The business is not about taking advantage of your family or friends but it is more than that. The only secret to having success is choosing the right team that has an experienced upline who is able to educate, train and motivate you on your goals. No doubt, GFI have those.
    Napakadali lang ng business, kahit sino ka pa…studyante, undergrad, empleyadong nagtatrabaho sa ofis / SM sa walong oras kada araw at minimum ang sahod (I am not against employment, in fact dapat lahat meron niyan…reality check lang po), tambay ka man, kahit ano pa ang course mo, kaya mo tong business na to coz we do a lot of trainings.
    1. Saan kumikita ng malaki ang tao, sa employment o sa business?

    Invest! Gawan mo ng paraan, kasi kung ang pagsali lang dito hindi mo magawan ng paraan, how can u get ur dreams? its the first and last time ul worry about money anyway. In addition, pwede mo siyang gawing fulltime or part time.

    The greatest risk in life is not risking at all. Do you think Henry Sy, Manny Villar e biglang yaman lang yan? I dont think so. They engage themselves in business.

    So, if you have questions, just ask me…09061412100/09238483526

  2. annette says:

    Hi Arthur. Thanks for your insight. Yup, I agree with you that the industry has created a number of millionaires. I have friends who are not just 6-figure earners but 7-figure earners even, that is why I believe that it is THE perfect business for Filipinos who want to start a business but are mostly short on capital.

    Although the business is open to anyone, it is NOT for everyone. It is only for people with certain characteristics and right attitude. It is not for people who are contented with their current situation. To do the business, you have to get out of your comfort zone, and some people won’t just give up their comfort zone. Why? Bec they’re comfortable with that.:)

    The business is simple that even undergraduates are having success with it. You are correct, regardless of anyone’s educational or employment background or lack of it, you may succeed in this business, but then again, it takes people with certain characteristics and discipline to CONSISTENTLY succeed.

  3. Arthur says:

    Your opinion is right but you may not be right. I am not in favor of what you said that it is not for everyone. It is, actually. Yeah, we must be contented with what we have at this moment. However, people deserves a better life. We may receive monthly salaries but it is just for survival. We must think of our family. We must realize that they do deserve a better lifestyle.
    Much has been said, it is up to the people to decide.

  4. annette says:

    Maybe what you mean is that the opportunity is open to everyone and I agree. What I mean is…not everyone will succeed. There are many factors to consider.

  5. Arthur says:

    When there is a wheel, there is a way

  6. Ais says:

    Arthur, i think you meant where there’s a will, there’s a way. Not wheel

  7. will says:

    ive been with my company for 4 months na but i still cant grow my group. im about to give up. can u please give me some tips that can help me grow my team? thanks

  8. i agree to ms annette tama naman sya yan ung mga things na tingnan bago sumali sa isang MLM company hindi sya against kay arthur kung ano mang MLM company sya nabibilang the thing is pagaralan muna maigi bago sumali at mag research, para di masyang un effort nung taong gustong yumaman sa pamamagitan nang MLM, at isa pa hindi naman porket sumali ka mayaman ka kaagad u need to work hard para makamit mo rin ang pangarap mo the point is kelangan mo lang muna pagaralan mabuti kung ok ba ung paggugulan mo nang oras 😉 lalo na sa ganyang business 😉 maybe kay arthuhr maganda ung pag motivate sa kanya nang upline nya at support magandang leadership, i think ung ginawa sau nang upline mo ganun din gagawin mo sa mga downlines mo para continue pa rin ung network mo 🙂 right ? pero hindi rin dapat mabalewala ung things to remember ni anntte to choose kung anong MLM business dapat pag tuunan nang pansin 🙂 nasa atin ung choice oo pero always remember ” sa lahat nang choice natin dapat UNA hingi tayo nang gabay kay God ” para sya mag gaguide sa tin sa lahat nang choice natin 🙂 Thankz!

  9. will, tips ko lang sayo 😉 una “pray ka ask sa guide ni God” at ung willingness mo makatulong sa kapwa i think magogrow ung group mo lalo na kung imomotivate mo sila nang tama, u need to work hard para maging maayos at disiplinado ung group mo 🙂 pakita mo na hindi lang financial status ang mababago pati ung di magandang attitude magagawa nyong maayos do it hindi lang dapat sa pera ung makatulong sa kapwa 🙂 lalo na kung sa tingin mo tama at legal naman ung MLM kung san ka nabibilang at yung ginagawa mo 🙂

  10. minnie says:

    i agree with u annett. mlm is for everyone who want to grab BUT it’s not for everybody to succeed. MLM industry also demand serious individuals with burning desire to take their ‘wills’ (not wheels…) to sacrifice their time, effort and even money to achieve their goals. So, as a networker recruiting prospects, one should also consider these qualities not just giving ‘hypes’ and ‘hopes’ then later on, new networkers fail and quit with pang experiences. These scenes could create black spots in mlm industry. Remember, mlm is also like other businesses, it requires unique factors to succeed. evaluate, analyze first before you grab anything, it is a rule of thumb in business.

  11. orlando says:

    Hi ma’am Anette,

    I’m orlando, I’m in Baguio City, and i’m in the business…

    Thanks!!! Your input are quite informative. Though to some, I would like to ask this questions… Bye the way this is to all who is reading this… Let us Share some sort of comments/questions to come up with concrete ideas…

    When you enter in Network Marketing business or in any kind of businesses.., what is your business? Is your business based on your company, on your product? What is the basis of doing business?
    Once you said.., the fastest ways to fail at network marketing is to try to recruit your friends and family.
    How does a person really fail in his walk through life? Is it because of his/her family? i bet there weren’t a family who wants their family members to fail.

    I’ll ask everyone this question again… What is really the basis of doing your business?
    How do you know when a company overpriced their product? what if in case they made it really through the best effort that they can do and invest so much money to meet their means? of course they’ll going to put higher prices to meet their expenses and to pay their associates…

    What is really important the people or the company? Who teaches associates? is it the leaders inside the company or is it the leaders associated to the company? Is your business based on loyalty or based on recruits?

    Well of course marketing plan is mostly to consider and there are lots of questions to be answered and this question cascades back to the same answer question- “What is your business/what is the business?” It is because at the end of all the review, it all falls back to the purpose of leadership/ to the purpose of you.

    Thanks for reading if you do… When you’ve done reading this, I hope I imparted some of what I had learn about the industry and also hoping that your going to have some ideas on how to really grow your business too. God Bless!!!

  12. Angel Bert Tugaff says:

    Thanks Arthur tama ka naman Bro lahat pwedi sa business natin pero mas naka catch attention sa akin ang mga nasabi ni annette na ” Although the business is open to anyone, It is NOT for everyone” –
    Being in MLM industry you have to be THE RIGHT PERSON(attitude) and to be a LEADER, leader creates leader – being a right person creates a right person..
    MLM is a sorting business we seek only leaders(with attitude) not members.. leaders stand in its own not rely in its group. I know Best trainings,group support, etc. is Essential but that is Not the only basis in qualifying good business for you to succeed..

    ito ang mga naging basihan ko bago sumali sa isang MLM company:

    #1 stage pioneering o nsa stage palang ng nagsisimmula ang company ito ay wla pang 1 year nasa formulation stage pa lang ..iniisip palang kung ano ang products at iimbentuhin p lng ang kitaan
    sa ganitong stage ay nsa delikado p ang kalagayan ng company marami ang gumwa nito at hndi ngtagumpay pero ang iba ay eenganyuhin kang sumali dhil ikaw daw ang mauuna pero sa pnahon ngaun ay nkakatakot ng mkpgsapalaran sa gnitong wala png sistema at ang iba naman ay eenganyuhin ka dahil sa maliit lang ang puhunan at ang iba naman ay sasabihing walang flush out or walang limit ang kitaan,ngunit sila ay hndi magttgal.

    #2 stage CONCENTRATION STAGE ito ung mga company n nsa 2 to 3 years na ,meron n silang products may kumikita na pero hndi pa matibay ang pundasyon dhil nsa trial n error p ang kalagayan ..mas marami dito ang nagsasarang compny kung mabalitaan u ang 1st quadrant sila ay isang halimbawa nito
    sa ganitong kalagayan ay pumapabor lamang sa mga nauna na nkasama sa pioneering stage at lubhang delikado sa mga sasali p lamang
    #3 stage MOMENTUM STAGE ito ung mga company na umabot na ng 5 years pataas na kung saan nka survive sila sa mga critical stage life ng compny ..dito ay madami na ang nagkaresulta yumaman nagkakotse at ibat ibang sucess ,,lhat ng legal compny ay 80% ay umaabot sa stage na ito ung mga sumusunod sa batas 5601 anti pyramiding law

    #4 final stage STABILITY STAGE hndi ito nasusukat kung ilang taon n ang company nasusukat ito sa dami n ng mga leaders,branches local n global at sales ng compny at higit sa lhat sa volume ng nagkaresulta
    sa pagkakataong ding ito ay dumdami ang mga leaders ng compnya at tumataas ang level ng training system at support system ng compny at ito ung cmpny n kya ng magcreate ng iba pang non goverment org. pra sa servces katulad ng compny na merong FOUNDATION

  13. Lewis says:

    If you think you can, you’re right. If you think you can’t, you are still right. So it’s just our choice if we will succeed in mlm or not.

  14. MARLON HEMBRA says:

    to Angel Bert Tugaff time wag ka gagamit ng hindi mo original na statement
    kilalang kilala ko ang statement n yan

  15. Ace says:

    One thing I would like to add when choosing the right network marketing company as well is to choose your Upline.

    I know that you are in this business for yourself but not by yourself and that’s why its important to choose the right Upline that will train and support you in doing the business.

  16. francisco says:

    hey people!
    seen your comments,

    i believe that one of the key to success is actually having the right attitude, plus the right community to work with

    a support system with a proven process can definitely guide even those who dont see their “inner giants” to become real agents of change

    FFG is a community that aims to uplift the mindsets of individuals
    it also helps in creating a positive environment for us to grow correctly

    Only God can make things grow, and FFG is just an instrument for the harvest.
    we are not talking about spiritual stuff here, but growth in terms of personality develoment, handling objections, people skills. getting one’s goals, and so on..

    learn with me

    see your dreams turn into a reality step by step

  17. francisco says:

    when we choose, we actually see only the facade, not the foundations

    its important we understand first the “why”
    “why should i join? whatis/are my reason(s)?”
    when you see your why, then the how to do it will follow

    many people think that most mlms are fake, scams, hoax, etc.

    many people also join because they were enticed by the “big cheques”, flashy cars, houses, more cars, etc.

    so, in reality, many join because of what they see and feel. hope it offends nobody, but the real reason why many people fail is because of greed and want to earn quick cash.
    that doesnt work.

  18. Antonio says:

    Thanks For this post! but i want to add something. 🙂

    1st The success of the business is not about the company or your upline and team

    2nd The success of your business is denpending on you and your actions.

    3rd If you want to become successful you need to learn how to have an “ABUNDANCE ” MENTALITY.

    4th Willing to learn and coachable

    5th Aquiring effective skills and strategy’s

    6th And the most important thing is” patience, PATIENCE is a VIRTUE

    To Your Success!

    Antonio 🙂

  19. erdz says:

    advise lng ako s mga gusto p lang magtry make it sure gusto nyo talga un ganitong negosyo pero hnd mo parin nman talaga malalaman hangat hnd kp nagsisimula or un tipong tumatagal kn s ganitong negosyo.. dun mo lng mlalaman kung nag-eenjoy ka talaga pra wat ever happen hnd k mag ququit..

    At dpat alam mo rin yung MYTH o yung mga lies na sinasasabi ng ibang leaders para hnd k magugulat na mahihirapan ka pla s negosyong ito.. kasi lahat ng napunta sa tuktok ng tagumpay madami rin sila pinagdaanan sa buhay ang iba lng tlga nila yung mindset at commitment level nila..

    for me lahat ng mga naging successful na sa ganitong klase ng negosyo 90% galing n rin sila s ibang company o may experience na..

    at yung last n ishashare ko yung na exprience ko before kasi dati hirap n hirap tlga ako gawin ang business.. dahil sobra mahiyain ako, kulang sa confidence at sales talk.. tpos limited p sa market as in feeling ko napipilitan lng ako sa pagbebenta ng products.. lalo n yung door to door.. yun p nman ang magsisilbeng pang galaw s negosyo un income sa direct selling.. ang masaklap kinakapos tlga ang budget ko before.. ni hnd mkapunta ng office totally may financial problem pa tlga…

    un lng po. sana may naitulong ako.. =)

  20. I’m so very glad that I read this post of yours, and by the way as agood internet user like you.

    I will add also the top MLM List of Companies in The Philippines…

    If you want to know then go ahead and click my NAME 🙂

  21. Charles says:

    WOW! Apir! This is exactly what I was thinking. Actually, I’ve written few articles about what are the things you need to look for when joining a network marketing company. This is absolutely right on!

    Anyway, the network marketing industry is already tainted with BS from people who got nothing to say but to hype prospects. I believe this form of business is viable if and only done correctly.

    I salute people who do network marketing professionally. And I despise networkers who showoff cars, deceive people by saying it’s easy and spouting BS all the time.

    If you want to succeed in network marketing, then do it honestly and professionally.

    BTW, check my website for network marketing info and tips. I will not try to recruit you there. It’s solely dedicated to teach people about network marketing and how to do the business properly and rightfully.

    Thanks! Kudos to the author!

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