5 Tips On Buying Your Domain Name

Here are my top 5 tips on buying your own domain name:

Tip 1

Use your targeted keywords in your domain name.  This will help your site’s ranking in the search engines if your top keywords are in the domain itself.

Tip 2

Get a generic domain name.  I advise network marketers against getting a domain name with your company name on it, unless you’re targeting people researching about your company.  Just make sure that you’re not going against any company policy; most network marketing companies do not allow their trademarks, trade names, etc. to be used by distributors in the domain name of their personal websites.

Also, if you’re starting to build a relationship with prospects that are with a different company at this time, sending an email from you@yourcompanyname.com might scare them away.

Should you decide too to change companies or business later on, you do not have to change your email address because you have a domain name not tied to your present company, so go for a generic domain name.

Tip 3

Make sure that your domain name is simple enough to spell and pronounce.  If you are giving your website address to your prospect over the phone, and your domain name is sea3.com, for example.  Your prospect may spell out your domain as:

domain name







Don’t make it hard for them.  Make your domain easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and easy to remember.  If you’re going to get a domain name with a number, make sure that you also own the domain that’s spelled out, like 3 and three, so you don’t lose business to other sites.

Note:  You can use your own name as domain name, which is unique to you (well, supposedly).  If you have a common name and the domain is already taken, you can try out workwithyourname.com or whoisyourname.com or yournamemarketing.com to make it unique.

Tip 4

If you are in a position to do so, it’s also recommended for you to purchase not only the most popular .com version but the other versions as well, the .net, .biz, .org, etc. so as not to lose business to other site owners/buyers.




Tip 5

It is recommended that you purchase the plural and hyphenated versions of your site too for the same reason as Tip 4.  Examples are:

domainnames.com, domainnames.net, domainnames.biz

domain-name.com, domain-name.net, domain-name.biz

domain-names.com, domain-names.net, domain-names.biz

To make sure that prospects end up where you want them to be and you don’t lose business, find the best domain name for you.

I get my domain names at www.GoDaddy.com.  It’s one of the most famous, if not the most famous among, domain name registrars.  It’ll cost you about $10 a year.  Now, that is CHEAP especially that you will have great advantages when you own your own domain.

If this post gave you some ideas or helped you decide on a domain name, please share the information to others using the buttons below.

Make it a good one! 🙂


P.S. Update: As of August 2011, I have officially transferred ALL my domain names to NameCheap.  They have good customer support and domain name registration, WhoIsGuard subscription are cheaper. 😉  Happy with NameCheap!

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