Most People Fail In MLM Or Network Marketing. Why Bother?

Whether you’re just starting out in MLM or a network marketing ‘veteran,’ I am sure you have been rejected, and one of the most common objections we hear from prospects is this:

“My friend (or family member) failed in the networking or MLM business… why should I bother joining you?”

failure mlm network marketing success

Actually, you hear this most of the time from a prospect who was sooo excited to join just the other day but changed his mind over night after talking to someone close to him – even though you already warned him not to discuss or mention ‘network marketing’ yet to anyone!

Anyway, the best answer I found to this common objection is:

“People don’t fail at things.  They quit before they’ve learned the necessary skills to do them…”

This is the BEST explanation I’ve heard on why people “FAIL” in the MLM business.  Get the full answer in this video:

Note:  Tim Sales is a retired MLM millionaire.  He served in the military with an elite team known as EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal), the U.S. Navy’s underwater bomb squad.

Now, go and share this with your team! Happy networking! 🙂


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7 Responses to "Most People Fail In MLM Or Network Marketing. Why Bother?"

  1. Paul says:

    so true.

    20% will succeed in any endeavor. Why? only 20% were leaders. The rest are commoners. Why again? because most people does not want being uncomfortable. Moreover, because humans are pre-programmed that way.

    Me too! at times. The difference is, I dont want to be uncomfortable in the future, and it is why i chose to work hard in discomfort today, and live a comfortable life in the years to come.

    Leaders are always in discomfort. They just know how to manage and love the challenge anyway. And that’s why they get paid.

    In anything, hardwork, persistence, and diligence gets paid!

    The good news is: being the top 20% is just a matter of CHOICE.

  2. annette says:

    Yes, most people won’t step out of their comfort zone, and the easiest thing to do pag nahirapan na is to quit. It IS a matter of choice.

  3. iam says:

    there are a lot of companies out there that are basically operating pyramiding schemes disguised as legitimate network marketing. there will always be bad apples. that’s a reality not only in this industry but in any industry.

    what’s more troubling to me is that there are many legitimate network marketing opportunities out there that end up being bastardized by the very people involved in that business. i’m talking about the distributors. many of them make all sorts of claims that in truth do not really reflect what their companies are actually promoting. often times these distributors violate the very guidelines of their companies.

    network marketers can help fix the industry’s bad image by simply going back to the basics. how about putting back more emphasis on actually selling products instead of hyping the recruitment/sponsoring aspect of the business. don’t kid yourselves and your downlines by telling them that network marketing is not about sales.

    it’s just too bad that network marketing is suffering from so much bad publicity.

  4. Romano Sanchez says:

    True, most people will quit, but there are many who are determined to make a true business and earn from MLM but who can’t or won’t because they are turned off by unsustainable business practices.

    For example, where 90% of the company’s products are bought by its own distributors instead of bona fide consumers, there is a PROBLEM. It means the products are not really sellable even if they are the best products in the world for their kind. Why do they become unsellable? Simply because they are too expensive and so the only people who buy them are the distributors who buy them ONLY because they need to do so in order to qualify for their commissions. 7,000 pesos/month to be spent just to qualify for comissions is serious money.

  5. Romano Sanchez says:

    I agree with you. I hve been intellectually convinced of the merits of the MLM industry in theory since college but I have yet to see a really good MLM company although I have seen some good products out there. I think I will just go into selling insurance because that’s the model that MLM in the whole world should follow. A few distributors/agents who sell and who recruit others who also sell and build their own unit groups. Not pyramiding style recruitment tactics where you try to recruit every Tom, Dick and Harry you meet on the street.

  6. I think people don’t really fail in network marketing, they just flat out quit.
    I mean, what else do you lose when quite aside from the sign up fee. In a real network marketing company, the products ‘should’ not be taken as an investment, but rather distributors buy them for personal consumption and retail purposes.

    To prevent distributors from playing the money game, all loopholes in a compensation plan should be addressed. 1) thing that must be done – is to lower sales requirement to prevent unnecessary product inventories.

    2) Remove clauses where you are given freedom to ‘Buy-up”your position/level for commission purposes. In an uneducated marketers eye – A No reversion across the board clause is good for them.

  7. Jeyrom says:

    Yes, that’s true. If we are going to rate the MLM Industry failures, 97% out of 100% are failed and only 3% succeed. Regardless with the pyramiding scheme argumentations, because it is a system that MLM business commonly uses, even in other businesses are using this kind of system and it is legal. The point is; for being two years of doing MLM business, one thing for sure why 97% of networkers fail, they are not trained well as businessman. In addition, they are lack of marketing skills, and still using ineffective/obsolete system or traditional way of sponsoring people in their business. Those are the reasons why most networkers quit too soon and get burnt out. Not most of the people are business-minded, only few of them are willing to do the risk, pay the price, and want to be successful in life/business. Others are just simply contented with the employee mindset. We need to let them better understand what really MLM business is. We need to train our people to become real businessmen. Because success in any field does not come out in an overnight, we have to do our task consistently and work hard for it.

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