Day 2: Too Busy Networking To Learn Sales And Marketing?

Welcome to Day 2 of Pinoy Network Marketing EXPOSED! e-course! Are you too busy networking to learn sales and marketing techniques?

“Do I really need to learn sales, Annette?”

Well, do you know of any business that is not selling something?

A business either sells a product or service. Since network marketing is a business…and business is selling…and you are in network marketing, then you are in sales!

Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!

If network marketing is selling, why do network marketers say,

Hindi ito benta-benta (this is not selling). It’s simply SHARING.”

Two (2) reasons:

  • They don’t want to scare prospects away because most people really don’t like selling.
  • They don’t know any better. They were just told that it’s not selling so they just say the same thing to their prospects and downlines.

If you joined network marketing thinking that you don’t have to sell, then you won’t realize that you need proper sales training.

As a result, network marketers simply make a list of 100 names or so and just “share” the products and the opportunity to people on that

Without proper sales training, most network marketers will be turned down one by one by friends and family.

People rarely last in the networking business for more than 6 months; some even quit within days! And they wonder why it didn’t work out for them…

It’s because they didn’t learn how to sell!

Word-of-mouth advertising

Most network marketers would say, “Kwento-kwento lang ang networking like word-of-mouth advertising.”

Well, it is true that if you recommend a good movie or restaurant to a friend, they will likely see the movie or eat at that restaurant, because as a friend, they trust your opinion.

But when you start “sharing” your products and opportunity, everything changes from personal recommendation to selling, because this time, your recommendation may lead to a sale, and both you and your friend know that you are going to make a commission out of it.

I know, I know. We do have good intentions in recommending our products or opportunity but we have to do it with the proper approach. Don’t simply assume that they’ll buy simply because they’re friends or family.

At one point, I had the experience of being told by one of my best friends:

“Pagusapan na natin lahat pwera ‘yang networking mo (Let’s talk about anything but your networking business)!”


I genuinely wanted to help her family so I was just “sharing” my opportunity. What I didn’t realize was that I was coming across to her as a pesky salesperson. Ugh!

Understand this:

If you are in network marketing, you need to learn effective sales skills!

If you’re not learning effective sales and marketing skills, you might as well quit! There is nothing wrong with selling itself, but the tactics used by traditional salespeople like some insurance agents and network marketers are what’s turning people off.

Here is a friend’s story…

Someone went to a friend’s house to do a business presentation. The speaker was so excited about the business opportunity, showed her the big checks, the company profile, the business plan, the works!

However, she did not see the value in it because she didn’t need another source of income at the time and was trying to recover from a health condition.

A few days later, another person from the same company went to her house but this time presented the products. She became interested because she’s been on medication and was trying to find a solution to her body pains.

She listened to the presentation and later bought the whole pack of products that the first presenter was trying to sell her. She tried the products and was convinced of its effectiveness that she eventually did the business herself and became one of the networking superstars in that company.

Do you have a similar story?

I myself was initially turned off in the business when my friend showed me a product catalog. I was one of those people who didn’t like to sell. When she later told me of the free personal development courses offered in the business, that’s how she got me hooked!

Are you guilty of this?

Most network marketers pay way too much emphasis on the company, products, and the marketing plan and pay very little attention to what the prospect is thinking (I was guilty of this!)

There’s even a popular forum where network marketers keep on comparing company stability, how long they’ve been in business, product content, pricing, membership fees, compensation plans, etc. – it’s IRRELEVANT!

It’s like saying to your prospect, “Here are my reasons why you ought to buy from me,” when all your prospect is thinking is,

whats in it for me

Sure you can ‘share’ your products and opportunity but only AFTER you’ve identified your prospect’s TRUE needs.

This may come as a surprise to you, but you are NOT actually selling your company’s products or business opportunity. Do you know what you’re selling?

You are selling YOU.

In network marketing, people don’t join companies or businesses. People join people.

We ARE in the people business! STOP pushing your products and opportunity and START listening to people and find out what makes them want to buy.

Understand the selling process and find out what REALLY motivates them.

People buy for their own reason, not yours.

Find out what their goals, their desires, fears, interests, and expectations are. Address their needs, fears, and wants and THEN they will buy into YOU.

A basic lesson I learned from The New Conceptual Selling book is this:

No one buys a product per se. What is bought is what the customer thinks the product or service will do for him/her.

“No one buys a business kit per se. What is bought is what the customer thinks the business kit will do for him/her.”

There are people who don’t join the first time they’re introduced to network marketing, but they join the second or third person who invites them.

A good network marketer is one who can RELATE their prospect’s true desires and how their product or opportunity will bring about those desires into reality.

From now on, try REALLY listening to your prospect or downline, what you find out might even surprise you.

Speaking of prospects, do you invite ANYONE to your business without qualifying them?

Let’s discuss that tomorrow on Day 3 of your Pinoy Network Marketing EXPOSED! e-course.

Stay tuned,


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