Day 3: A Common Networking Mistake

Welcome to Day 3 of the Pinoy Network Marketing EXPOSED! e-course. Today, I’ll share with you a common networking mistake MLMers make.

I saw a post the other day that said:

Napakadali lang ng business, kahit sino ka pa – estudyante, undergrad, empleyado, tambay, kahit anong course mo, kaya mo ‘to (The business is so easy – even if you are a student, undergraduate, employee, jobless, whatever your course, you can do this)!”

It is actually saying “Kahit Sino Pwede (Anyone Can Do This)!”

Are you saying the same thing to prospects?

Network marketers are encouraged to talk to anyone and everyone they come within 3 feet of. Remember the 3-foot rule?

After going through their warm list, they go prospect strangers in the malls, bus, jeep, FX, MRT, restaurants, leaving flyers on car windshields (believe me, I have done all these!), etc.

network marketing mistakesYes, there were people who were recruited like this and later on became successful, but they are FEW.

There are MORE people who got turned off with the networking business with this approach than those who became successful with it!

These recruiting antics aren’t helping uplift the image of the networking industry. It has done us more harm than good and has made it even harder for everyone to sponsor people and for people to take network marketers SERIOUSLY as business owners.

Can ANYONE actually do network marketing?

Although it is true that anyone can start in the networking business with very little time, money, and skills, saying that EVERYONE can do this can be misleading.

Not everyone can sign up and get the same results that top network marketers got within the same time frame.

Also, the skills, money, and time you spend on networking can greatly impact how easy or difficult it will be for you and how long it will take you to succeed.

For example, for the same period of time, do you think that Networker A who makes P10,000 a month with a family to support is going to see the same results as Networker B, an employee who makes P50,000 a month, single, drives his own car, with lots of professional contacts and sales experience, would have?

Not likely.

Now, I am not saying to disqualify Networker A because I know people like him who have overcome all trials and succeeded against all odds, but they are not common and tough to find.

The point is that you have to qualify your prospects so that you’re only working with your BEST prospects. This is where good marketing comes in.

Good marketing should be able to sift and sort through your prospects.

The Perfect MLM Prospect

Contrary to what we’ve been taught that “kahit sino pwede,” NOT EVERYONE is our prospect.

Some do not have the time.

Some do not like taking risks.

Some simply hate networking.

Some people just love their job.

Some believe that money is not important.

Some do not have money to run a business.

Some just aren’t cut out to be entrepreneurs.

Some think that those who make a lot of money are evil.

And most people are just contented with where they are in life and have no desire to change!

love my jobEven if they seem to be “the perfect MLM prospect”…good speaker, lots of connections, hates their job, wants to resign…unless they ask you for information about your business and how it could help solve their problems, they’re NOT the best prospects.

And just because someone is “interested” DOESN’T mean they’re a good prospect!

When employers are hiring, they don’t just hire people who walk in to their company and say, “I’m interested to work here!”

No! Candidates go through a series of interviews before they get the job.

You can do the same. You MUST do the same.

Interview your prospects and make them convince you that they’re someone you should be investing your time and effort with.

Start to professionalize your networking business!

See if your prospects are curious or serious. Find out their reason ‘why’ for doing this business and how committed they are to their goals.

Commitment in this business involves time (about 12-15 hours a week), money, and a serious desire to achieve.

Why money? Well, it’s also not mentioned in opportunity meetings, but if you are serious about building a long-term networking business, you need an ongoing budget for marketing and prospecting (fare, snacks, cellphone load, meetings, ads, websites, etc).

If your prospect can’t commit, then respect both your prospect’s time and your time – be upfront that you can’t spend time with them without their commitment.

Are you networking hard or smart?

We say that in employment, you’re WORKING HARD; in network marketing, you’re WORKING SMART.

The truth is, to work smart in network marketing is to QUALIFY prospects so that you don’t waste your time, money, and energy trying to convince people to get into this business.

One time, I had a prospect who fit the mold of a perfect MLM prospect… moneyed, owns some branches of beauty parlors, have people under her, wants to expand her business and make more money, lots of connections BUT… this person’s objection was…

“I don’t like networking because I don’t want to be in the position of getting rejected by my friends. I like my parlor business because people just walk in and ask for our services without having to convince them.”

Despite the objection, we still spent more than 2 hours convincing the prospect that networking was perfect for her, even showing her videos and checks.

The prospect was somehow convinced to come back the following day.  She signed up, bought some products and even had her sister with her the following day. The sister was skeptical and convinced the prospect not to pursue it.

So, of course, she was easily influenced by her sister and they never came back!

This takes place EVERYDAY in network marketing!

You spend time and money on Starbucks, lunch or dinner, donuts, or snacks with your prospects, only to find out later that they’re not right fit for the business.

I thought things over and realized that I no longer wanted to spend that much time (or money) on a single prospect who would only quit after a few days.

Our time is more valuable than that.

We have to work smarter.

As a business owner, your job is to get the greatest returns possible for your time and effort.

Keep an open mind and we’ll discuss that tomorrow on Day 4 of Pinoy Network Marketing EXPOSED! e-course.

See you!


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