Day 1: Network Marketing Secrets

Welcome to Day 1 of Pinoy Network Marketing EXPOSED! e-course!

First, allow me to begin with the so-called secrets to success in:

Network Marketing

I believe that there is no natural-born network marketer, just as there are no natural-born doctors, engineers, or lawyers.

Network marketing is something that can be learned. Some learn fast, some slow, but no matter how long a network marketer has been in the industry, one of the greatest challenges is sponsoring quality prospects.

We have to admit it – the speakers make the bilog-bilog (circles) on the board look very simple but in reality, most network marketers struggle in sponsoring and only do this business via trial and error.

Lack of prospects, reputation of the industry, lack of money – these are just some of the hurdles that a Filipino network marketer has to overcome before reaping the rewards.

So, what is the secret?

It may come as a surprise to you but the secret to success in network marketing or success in any endeavor, for that matter, does NOT depend on the company nor the products.

Yes, it would be a great advantage to have a stable company, supportive uplines, and wonderful products to help you with your goals but it WON’T guarantee your success.

I have come to understand that success in network marketing boils down to 3 things, and it all depends on YOU – your mindset, your leadership, and your sales and marketing skills.


“Think and Grow Rich!”

think and grow richOur thoughts (mindset) produce our results…

Who are you?

How do you think?

What do you believe in?

How well do you relate to others?

How confident are you in yourself?

How do you really feel about yourself?

Do you truly feel you deserve to be wealthy?

Will you really do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make your dreams come true?

Answer these questions truthfully, because the fact is – your beliefs and how you think – these determine the level of your success.

When you copy successful people, don’t just copy what they do. Learn and copy how successful, wealthy people THINK.

Imagine two people sitting side by side, attending the same seminar, listening to the same speaker in the same room of the same company with the same products. Both of them sign up and join the business, but one soars high to success while the other person does so-so or quits.


Well, you may have the best company, the best products, and the best uplines in the world but if you don’t have a RICH mindset or what some call PROSPERITY consciousness, you won’t succeed.

For example, in trying to sponsor a prospect, your mindset might be: “Sana ma-convince ko ‘tong taong ‘to na sumali (I hope I can convince this person to join)”

You see, this thought comes from a mindset of SCARCITY or LACK.

If you come to think about it, you are the one who has the opportunity that can change this person’s life.

He/She needs you more than you need her, so stop acting desperate and change that mindset to:

“This prospect will be grateful to me for sharing this opportunity.”

Practice getting into the ABUNDANCE mindset. Think of the thousands of people that you could sponsor instead of focusing on someone who’s not interested.

It is easier to get into the abundance mindset in sponsoring if you have an abundant list of quality prospects. You can generate this list both online and offline – we’ll get into that later.

Your assignment for now is to study how the rich THINK and get into that mindset!

I highly recommend that you read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.


Robert Kiyosaki, the best-selling author of the Rich Dad series, said,

“Money always flows to the leader. If you want more money, simply become more of a leader.”

cashflow quadrantYou’re probably familiar with the Cashflow Quadrant (ESBI), where E means employee, S means small business or self-employed, B means business, and I means investor.

Kiyosaki said that leaders are found in ALL four quadrants, but it’s only in the B (business) quadrant that leadership skills are not optional.

Network marketing is a B quadrant business; therefore leadership skills are not optional but required in network marketing.

In short, you have to be a leader to be a consistent earner in network marketing.

Just take a look at your company’s top earners.

They dared to fail.

They dared to soar.

They dared to be different.

They dared to face rejection.

They dared to stand in front of the crowd.

They dared to lead. That’s why they are leaders and that’s why they are successful.

The good news is you do not need anyone’s permission to be a leader.

Reading and learning valuable information like this about your business already makes you a leader. You can declare yourself a leader today EVEN IF you don’t have a big group yet.

Being and believing always come first before results. You must believe you already have what you want BEFORE it will happen.

Be focused…

Be responsible…

Be accountable…

Be a self-starter…

Be a sponge (of knowledge)…

Be a good follower… All leaders are also good followers.

Look for a mentor to guide you along the right path. Get the knowledge and then start leading others to do the same.

Sales and Marketing Skills

You might tell me, “Wait a minute, Annette, I was told from day one that I do not have to sell… I only have to ‘share’ the products and the opportunity!”

I will reveal why telling this to your prospects or downlines may be one of the major reasons that people “fail” in network marketing.

That’s our subject tomorrow, Day 2 of your Pinoy Network Marketing EXPOSED! e-course.

WARNING: You will be exposed to some overwhelming facts and burning issues surrounding network marketing. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I’ll see you tomorrow!


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