A Network Marketing Presentation Gone Wrong

I attended a meeting where we were asked one by one regarding the challenges we faced as we go about our network marketing business.

There was one answer that struck me the most, and this person said,

“It’s like insanity. I keep on doing the same thing but I’m not getting my desired results.”

Network marketers love to quote that to potential business partners to prompt them to start building their own business. It’s like saying,

“It’s insane to stay an employee for years if you’re not reaching your financial goals. It’s time to start your own business!”

Now, what if you’re already IN network marketing and you come to a point when you’re not getting the results you want even if you keep doing what you’re told to do?

I believe it’s time to change what you’re doing, and I don’t mean quitting network marketing.

I say it’s time to improve your marketing. We ARE in network marketing anyway, right?

Unfortunately, the marketing strategies used 10 even 20 years ago are still the same strategies used today by most MLM companies especially here in the Philippines. I personally believe that it should be and can be improved.

In network marketing, we can’t just network; we have to know how to market… and to the right people, not just anyone who lives and breathes and is within 3 feet radius.

“Kidnapping” prospects also doesn’t cut it anymore…

I read a post by David Poarch who was “kidnapped” to a presentation that he didn’t know he was going to attend. He expressed disinterest, but the “convincing” still took 5 hours of his time!

social network

Poor guy!

He shared his not-so-positive experience with his blog readers and his posts then went viral in the social networks, which was how I read it.

‘Kidnapping’ prospects is not helping our industry!

Negative write-ups and the like are not only affecting this particular company but the industry as a whole.  This makes it even harder for network marketers to be taken seriously as business owners.

Start ‘professionalizing’ your network marketing business; otherwise, your or your company’s marketing tactics may be the next hot item on the social networks like Facebook, or worse, in Imbestigador or other similar shows.

Warn your networking friends on Facebook and the other social networks!


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3 Responses to "A Network Marketing Presentation Gone Wrong"

  1. Mike Dada says:

    I definitely agree on your point that old tactics and strategies used 10 or 20 years ago won’t work in today’s market. And it’s about time that we as network marketers, we professionalize the way we do the business, so that people will take us seriously. And if I may add, and you can write a blog about this if you want, to all network marketers. Let’s try to give realistic examples and set the right expectations to our prospects and downlines. It’s not right to give unreachable income projections if it hasn’t been done by anyone in the company that you are in. It’s just outright lying, and it’s not good in any business.

    Just wanted to express my view on the subject. Thanks a lot Ms. Annette for creating this blog.

  2. annette says:

    Thank you for your insights, Mike. 🙂

  3. Just my thoughts here<<

    For one, the pendant company was NOT in my opinion a network marketing company.
    A real network marketing company is a channel to sell products. Selling overpriced products with Zero value in the market is just so stupid.

    Of course, in network marketing, our marketing greatly deals with relationship building but that doesn't mean great products doesn't have to do with our success.

    From the way I see it, the said company was just a money gambling company that focuses on investments or pay íns

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