Day 4: Are You A Business Owner Or A Sales Rep?

Welcome to Day 4 of Pinoy Network Marketing EXPOSED!

There’s a famous quote that network marketers love to tell prospects (especially employees):

“Insanity is to keep on doing the same things expecting different results.”

Now, let me ask you, if you are taking action daily, inviting family and friends, approaching strangers in the mall, giving flyers, etc. WITHOUT much result and you keep on doing it expecting different results, what is that called?

Isn’t that insanity also?

You see, network marketing is much like a traditional business…

Our main MLM company takes care of the administrative and production sides, while the recruitment, training, sales, and marketing sides are delegated to us network marketers.

As network marketers, we must have BOTH training and marketing systems in place.

Most companies and networkers have TRAINING systems – business presentation, product knowledge, motivation rallies, etc. – but rarely is a MARKETING system in place that will continuously provide a list of qualified prospects.

The “K” System

The only marketing system we are familiar with is the “K” system.

Let me ask you, were you greeted with open arms when you tried to prospect your brother, sister, aunt, uncle, neighbor, friend?

If you’re like most of us, I think you’re more familiar with the experience of being avoided by people the moment they found out what your real motives were for talking with them.

thumbs downThe K.I.S.S. (keep it short and simple or secret) style of invitation doesn’t work well either.

Most people already know that when they are invited to a business presentation, it’s more likely a network marketing opportunity.

If you are a seasoned network marketer, you will agree with me that the market today is totally different from the market 10 years ago.

Back then, there were only a few well-known network marketing companies in the Philippines and people know little about this industry.

Today? Try asking people if they’d like to make extra money or if they’re available to attend a seminar and about 8 out of 10 will reply,

“Ano ‘yan (What’s that)? Networking?!? (Eww!)”

Some friends and acquaintances whom I’ve asked if they’d be interested to start a business would say,

Oo ba, basta ‘wag lang networking ha! (Sure, anything but networking!)”

Stop chasing prospects…

How do you actually find the people who ARE looking to start a business, looking for extra money and extra time to spend with family, looking for solutions to their health problems?

Do you think randomly approaching friends, family, and strangers is a solid foundation to build ANY business?

Most of our warm market are NOT actively looking to start a business, and NONE of them came to you for ‘expert’ advice on business… you chased them every chance you got!

You may not realize it but we’re NOT really being taught how to be true business owners; we are being taught how to be sales reps!

Most people don’t like talking to sales reps. Do YOU like talking to sales reps?

Sales reps are very different from business owners.

REAL business owners do this and only this:


They do not chase their family around, because they attract business to them.

Attraction marketing is a matter of shifting from prospecting to positioning. Position yourself so that people FIND YOU first and when they like what you say or do, they may seek your advice or maybe even join your business.

Attraction Marketing is essential to success in doing business that if you don’t understand these principles, you may have to work VERY hard and still get left behind by the attraction marketers of today.

Would you prefer to do it the way you’re doing it now when you can actually generate targeted prospects every day right from your own home?

I really don’t want to keep you waiting so…

I am giving you a better understanding of Attraction Marketing by giving you this jam-packed 75-page e-book called The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto. It’s really an eye opener for me!

The Marketer's Manifesto

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To Your Freedom,



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