Day 5: You, Build A Business Online?

Welcome to Day 5 of Pinoy Network Marketing EXPOSED! Have you ever thought that you yourself could build a business online?

Yes, YOU! Do I hear a “yes?” If NOT, why not?

Do you know what the biggest network of all is? It is the INTERNET!

Mark Joyner, considered to be the godfather of internet marketing said,

“It is now possible for a single (as yet unknown) person to sit in the living room and – armed with a web cam and their internet connection – create a message that is seen by millions of people…most of us really have no idea how tremendously powerful it really is.”

In the Philippines, Carlo Ople, a Filipino Social Media and Internet Marketing Consultant, wrote in his e-book Social Media Guide for Filipino Entrepreneurs,

“If you’re still competing as if it was still the 1990’s… then you’re in trouble…”

Do you know Charice Pempengco? Did you know that it is the internet that brought her to her current fame and fortune?

If you look her up in Google, this is what you’ll find in Wikipedia:

“After seeing her Star King performance on YouTube, Ellen DeGeneres extended an on-air invitation for Pempengco to be a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Pempengco flew to the United States for the first time and performed two songs on the December 19, 2007 episode of the show…”

Maybe you’re not a Filipino or you don’t have a TV if you haven’t heard of Charice’s success story.

From The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she was invited to Oprah Winfrey’s show and the rest was history… all because of a simple video in YouTube (and of course her talent).

Look up Arnel Pineda also of the band Journey and you’ll find a similar story.

No, they’re not building a business online but they’re international celebrities now because they were discovered via the internet.

Do you see how powerful the internet is?

You don’t have to be a geek to build a business online…

Most Filipinos just use the internet to surf, play games, send and read emails, research, update status and share pictures on Facebook, Friendster, Multiply, etc.

Why not use the largest network of all as leverage for your business – it’s not just for show business, you see. 🙂

I don’t know about you but I just bought my computer a few months ago (my 6-year old nephew probably knows more about PowerPoint than I do), yet I am now able to leverage on the power of the internet to market my business online.

You don’t have to be a geek to do this!

If you know how to surf the net, send and read emails, then all you have to learn is how to MARKET to potential customers who are already looking for solutions that your product or opportunity provides.

How does it work?

Since most network marketing companies in the Philippines are into wellness, let’s take that up.

Someone with a health concern, say kidney stones, recently consulted a doctor. The doctor advised the patient to undergo an operation to remove one kidney.

Scared, the patient wants to know what other options are available. To learn more, the patient goes out to research about kidney stones.

Would the patient go to the library or the yellow pages to research? NOPE.

online internet

The standard method for research now is the INTERNET. The patient “googles” the term “kidney stones.”

Will this customer find you in any way online if you’re only building your business OFFLINE?


Even if you’re online, if all you do is flash your products and opportunity here and there, that won’t still help this particular customer.

Which headline do you think would catch this customer’s eye:

“The Best, Most Complete Vitamin Supplement in the World”


“3 Easy Steps to Remove Kidney Stones WITHOUT Operation?”

I believe the second headline will more likely get attention.

If you wrote that second helpful article and the customer lands on your website, chances are, that customer will contact you to find out more about your solution. THAT, in simple terms, is Attraction Marketing.

The key there is being HELPFUL. Provide helpful content online, not consistent promotions of your company or products.

People don’t buy products or business kits; they buy solutions to their problems. Again, the only way that you can offer solutions is by listening to or knowing your target market.

Spamming is NOT Attractive…

I see network marketers online but they’re doing it all wrong. They keep flashing their products and opportunity, and it’s not attracting people. It’s turning them off!

They add friends on Facebook, and the first thing you hear from them is an invitation to their business opportunity or whatever talk or seminar.

Not even a “Hi,” “Hello,” ” How are you?” “My name is…” – Diretso agad – Join me! Join us! Join NOW!  This is the answer to your problems!, etc.

How would YOU feel if you watched TV with nothing on but commercials?

Irritated?  Try BORED… you might fall asleep waiting for your favorite program.

Guess what? The feeling’s the same when all people hear from you are YOUR products, YOUR marketing plan, and YOUR great business.  It’s NOT about YOU; it’s about THEM!

Anyway, I was guilty of this too and maybe you are too, but since you’re already learning attraction marketing, STOP spamming and START building relationships.  Sell YOU.  Again, people don’t join businesses, they join PEOPLE.

Believe me, if you’re not taking advantage of Attraction Marketing right now, you will be, if not already, losing customers, prospects, and existing downlines to those who are, whether you realize it or not.

Are you obsolete?

You’ve probably noticed some network marketing ‘gurus’ that were famous at one time or another who have just disappeared over the last few years.

Nobody even remembers their name.

What happened to them? Did they just get tired of all the cash flowing into their bank account? Did they just retire or die?

You see, information changes so fast that in the 21st century that if you don’t keep up, you will become obsolete.

Even if you’re successful today, if you are not growing in knowledge and skill, your success will fade in the years ahead.

You need cutting-edge, advanced education or you will be left behind.

Keep on learning. Make sure to read The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto – it further explains Attraction Marketing, the best way to reach your target market.

Want to know the top secret of successful people?

I’ll tell you about it tomorrow on Day 6 of your Pinoy Network Marketing EXPOSED! e-course.

See you!


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