Day 4: Are You Attractive or Unattractive?

Welcome to Day 4 of Pinoy Network Marketing EXPOSED!

Do you know how you are seen by your prospects?

Are you attractive or unattractive?  And how can you tell?

For example, if I were looking to buy a limited edition Rolex watch, I will be happy and thrilled to get information about how to identify and where to find authentic limited edition Rolex watches.

On the other hand, if I weren’t looking and then I keep getting emails of Rolex promotions from people I don’t even know, I see all these promotions as SPAM.


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Beauty, as they say, is in the eyes of the beholder.

  • If you are providing value by offering your knowledge, insights , review or experience about a subject, that makes you attractive in general.
  • On the other hand, if you bombard your prospects with nothing more than your products and your opportunity and go straight for the sale, you are spamming and, therefore, are un-attractive.

The “K” System

I’m sure you’re familiar with the “K” system or “kakilala” system in Pinoy Network Marketing.

Let me ask you, were you greeted with open arms when you tried to prospect your brother, sister, aunt, uncle, neighbor, friend?

If you’re like most of us, you may be more familiar with the experience of being avoided by people the moment they found out about your business ‘motives’ (this is more likely if you haven’t learned proper sales and marketing skills).

While warm market prospecting definitely has its place in network marketing, the problem with it is that most of our warm market are NOT actively looking to start a business, and NONE of them came to us for ‘expert’ advice on business…

We chased them every chance we got!

How would YOU feel if you watched TV with nothing on but commercials?  Boring, isn’t it?

Guess what?  The feeling’s the same when all people hear are YOUR products, YOUR marketing plan, and YOUR great business.

It’s actually NOT about YOU; it’s about THEM!

Stop chasing prospects…

We are so pre-conditioned to do network marketing in one way that you may doubt it when I tell you that prospects could be chasing YOU, instead of you chasing them.

So how do you actually find the people who ARE looking to start a business, looking for extra money and extra time to spend with family, looking for solutions to their health problems?

The solution is called…


You do NOT have to chase friends and family around.  You can attract business to you.

Attraction Marketing is a matter of shifting from prospecting to positioning.  Position yourself so that people find you first and when they like what you say or do, they may reach out to you and buy your products or maybe even join your business.

It’s about creating and sharing valuable information.  You attract people by giving value to them instead of pitching them.

People are bombarded everyday with all these great business opportunities, weight loss products, and money-making opportunities left and right.  How will you get noticed and stand out from the crowd?

By NOT giving them a sales pitch but by giving value.

For example, you can write articles about ‘how to lose weight while eating what you want’ or give out health seminars on ‘how to prevent cancer or diabetes if it runs in your family,’ etc.

When people get these information and like what you share and do, you gain their trust and may want to ask you for more information.  You build a relationship with them and they may later on buy your products or join your business.

You attract them instead of chase them.

Attraction marketing can give you a steady flow of prospects daily.  The key is to be HELPFUL.  Provide helpful content, not just sales pitches.

People don’t buy products or business kits; they buy solutions to their problems, and again, the only way that you can offer solutions is by knowing and listening to your target market.

Believe me, if you’re not taking advantage of Attraction Marketing right now, you will be, if not already, losing customers, prospects, and existing downlines to those who are, whether you realize it or not.

Are you obsolete?

Information changes so fast that in the 21st century that if you don’t keep up, you will become obsolete.

Even if you’re successful today, if you are not growing in knowledge and skill, your success will fade in the years ahead.

You need cutting-edge, advanced education or you will be left behind.

If you don’t understand these attraction marketing principles, you may have to work VERY hard and still get left behind by the attraction marketers of today.

You can get started with these tools to learn attraction marketing to grow your business.

I’ll see you tomorrow on Day 5 of your Pinoy Network Marketing EXPOSED! e-course, where I will disclose why “treating network marketing like a business” MAY actually be killing your business.

To Your Freedom,



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