3 Advantages Of Having Your Own Domain Name

What is a domain name?  Simply put, a domain name is the name to identify a website.  The domain name of this site is thepinoybusiness.com.  Other examples are facebook.com, google.com, yahoo.com, etc.

Are there advantages to having your own domain name?  Of course, there are!

There are many resources online that offer free website or blog creation, like blogger.com, wordpress.com, weebly.com, webs.com, but your site’s address would look like yoursitename.wordpress.com or yoursitename.blogspot.com.

If you can live with that, that’s fine, but it doesn’t look as nice as having your own domain, i.e. yourdomain.com.

You also have the option to use your own domain with the free resources like Blogger or Weebly while they host the site for you, but “free” actually has its price, so I prefer a self-hosted site.

Anyway, what are the 3 advantages of having your own domain name?



I already mentioned this and it is to look “good.”  If you are a serious marketer or entrepreneur online, owning your domain name is something that is already expected in the internet marketing world.

It is a MUST.

It’s the cheapest way to increase your professionalism, and not having one simply makes you look like an amateur.  I’m pretty sure this is not the image you want to project to potential clients and partners.

If you ARE an amateur, getting your own domain is the first step to show your professionalism and to sell YOU as a trusted advisor and expert in your field.

For example, if I receive an email from someone I don’t know with a subject line about business or marketing and it came from mamamia12345@yahoo.com, I’d probably just delete the email without opening.

No thought of “leader, successful entrepreneur, business expert, or CEO” would cross my mind.  “Spammer” or “scammer” may cross my mind.  Hehe.

Even if you ARE really already successful, it would be rare for you to be taken seriously with that email address.

If I get an email from yourname@yourowndomain.com, that would probably be a different scenario.  There’s a better chance that I’ll be opening this email to see what the message inside is.

I think you get the idea what kind of impression (professionalism) you’re giving your prospects by using an email address from your own domain name versus that from yahoo and other third party providers.

Personal Email Address

That’s what’s great with having your own domain!  You could have your own personal email address independent of yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc.

It would be rare for anyone now to get yourname@yahoo.com.  Most are already taken so you see a lot of email addresses with numbers added in on them.

If you have your own domain name, you could create you@yourdomain.com, admin@yourdomain.com, info@yourdomain.com, support@yourdomain.com.  It’s very flexible; you are free to choose ANY name for your email addresses.

Domain Forwarding

The third important advantage of owning your own domain is “domain forwarding” or “redirecting.”

In internet marketing or in network marketing, we have affiliate links and company replicated websites that look like this:

http://www.eybc.therenegadenetworkmarketer.com/post.html (affiliate link) or

http://www.yoursite.yourcompanyname.com (where “yoursite” is your chosen name) or

http://www.yourcompanyname.com/123456 (where “123456” is your company ID)

These are looong “ugly” URLs.

If you have your own domain name, you can simply instruct the web host of your domain name to “redirect” all traffic to your domain to ANY site such as the above links.

For example, I could simply instruct my web host to redirect all traffic to thepinoybusiness.com to go to http://eybc.therenegadenetworkmarketer.com/post.html, which is a real affiliate link, by the way.

So instead of giving the long link to a friend or prospect, which they may end up mistyping or misspelling, I could just tell them to go to thepinoybusiness.com and they will still end up at that long link http://eybc.therenegadenetworkmarketer.com/post.html because of domain forwarding or redirection.

Having your own domain name and redirecting it will make sure that your prospects end up in the right place and you don’t lose their business.

I get all my domain names from GoDaddy.com.  It costs only about $10 a YEAR, so there’s really no excuse not to get your own domain!

Get more tips on buying your domain name and if you learned something new here today, share the knowledge to your friends via the buttons below.  🙂

Happy domain-picking!


P.S. Update: As of August 2011, I have officially transferred ALL my domain names to NameCheap.  They have good customer support and domain name registration, WhoIsGuard subscription are cheaper. 😉  Happy with NameCheap!

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